BSI Registered

We use our sister company, Tenon Engineering ISO certification for all our projects.










Sky Poli CMM

Sky Poli CMM is able to provide customers with a comprehensive measuring report to ensure the product meets the customers Specification. Sky Poli is a fully automated CMM Machine and can be programmed from the customers working models.












Measuring Range
Overall Dimensions
Machine weight213kg
Max part weight100kg
Accuracy4.0 + 5.0 L / 1000 (manufactures quoted )


DEA Swift

DEA Swift is a smaller manual CMM machine similar to the Sky Poli, it can also import customers models and produce reports for the customers satisfaction

Mitutoyo PJ-A3000

A medium-sized measuring projector series having a particularly bright screen with diameter of 315 mm and a simple-to-operate XY measuring stage. The PJ-A3000 has clearly legible digital displays (XY stage positions) are conveniently positioned next to the projection screen. A digital angle-measurement display makes complex angle calculations unnecessary.

Rapid-release measuring stage enables faster, easier measurements and output of XY coordinate data is possible using a serial interface. High-efficiency two-dimensional data processing is possible by connecting the QM-Data 200.