CNC Machining

All multi axis machining is undertaken by our sister company Tenon Engineering.

A comprehensive service including manual & CNC machining of a wide range of materials. Tight tolerances and superior finishes are achieved by all machinists from milling and turning, to gear cutting and grinding. One off parts, research and development, along with high quantity batch work can all be catered for at Tenon Engineering.

If a customer requires, our service extends to the treatment of manufactured parts, such as hardening and anodising. Finish machining if required can then follow this.

Our CNC machines are coupled to a network with CAD-CAM facilities for ease and speed of drawing download and therefore manufacture.

Processes available on site: Milling – Manual and CNC | Turning – Manual and CNC | Grinding – Surface and Cylindrical | Honing


The VM1O is the fastest growing vertical machining centre in the UK because of its perfect combination of size and functionality.
It has the smallest footprint and large capacity  for efficient machining and productivity. The 660x406x508mm work envelope in a 1.8×1.6m working footprint makes the VM1 very attractive for most applications.

40 taper, 10,000 rpm spindle as standard The VM1O also comes equipped with Hurco’s control system, bringing the flexibility and power of all Hurco machines to this compact version.  All of this for a base price that rivals anything on the market.


 Hawk 150






Eagle 800







Eagle 100

• 45° heavy duty slant bed
• X and Z axes linear guide ways
• 30 m/min rapids
• 62mm spindle bore
• 10 tool high speed hydraulic turret
• 6” hydraulic power chuck with foot pedal control
• Choice of Fanuc or Siemens control
• Hyraulic tailstock
• Manual tool setting probe



Eagle 850

• Compact construction for reduced footprint
• High precision, rigid linear guide ways on X, Y, Z axes
• 24 station twin arm type ATC
• Superior positioning and repeatability
• 8,000rpm spindle speed standard
• 10,000/12,000/15,000rpm spindle speed option
• Choice of spindle taper BT40, CT40 or DIN 40
• Fully enclosed splash guard
• Spindle air blast