Capacity List

Tenon Engineering manufactures all components for Hancock and Sell. For more information see the Tenon Engineering website.

Multi Axis

Hurco VM10Multi Axis
Mazak 200 IntegrexMulti Axis
Mazak 100 IntegrexMulti Axis

CNC Lathe

Colchester Triumph LatheCNC Lathe
Colchester TornadoCNC Lathe
Duguard Eagle 100 LatheCNC Lathe
Cincinnati HawkCNC Lathe
Duguard Eagle 200CNC Lathe

CNC Mill

Duguard Eagle 1000 MillCNC Mill
Duguard Eagle 850 MillCNC Mill
Hurco VM1CNC Mill

Manual Turn

XYZ ProturnManual Turn
Myford LatheManual Turn
Colchester Master 2500 LatheManual Turn
Banton Centre LatheManual Turn
Hardinge LatheManual Turn

Manual Milling

XYZ KR3000 Mill King RickManual Mill
Multi Spindle Pillar DrillsManual Mill
Pillar DrillManual Mill


Jones & Shipman Universal GrinderGrind
Jones & Shipman Surface GrinderGrind
Sunnen Honing MachineGrind
Myford Cylindrical GrinderGrind


Swift DEA 3 Dimensional MachineInspection
Mitutoya PJ A300 ProjectorInspection
Ski Poli Checking MachineInspection