Design Facilities

Hancock and Sell has a full CAD system, Autodesk Inventor 2012. Using Autodesk Inventor enables us to work very closely with customer’s ideas, specifications or existing designs to product a total design package. Using th techniques of solid modelling, 2D drawing and assembly design, Hancock and Sell has very few restrictions for design and development – whatever the product!

Assemblies can be animated to display assembly procedure or even used to promote a product using the studio suite.

Solid models can be electronically transferred to FeatureCam software which will enable writing of machining programs for manufacturing on the CNC machines within Hancock and Sell. Data can be transfered to the Radan system for in-house sheet metal manufacture.

There is very little design and development that cannot be done by utilising the Autodesk Inventor suite when combined wiht the depth of experience that exists at Hancock and Sell